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The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023 has gripped the footballing world with its thrilling encounters, unexpected twists, and standout performances. As the tournament progresses, football enthusiasts and Sports betting mongers alike are eagerly analysing the contenders and favourites, aiming to set theirs bets on which team might emerge victorious. In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll delve into the insights provided by various sources and evaluate the teams that stand out as potential champions.

Recent Developments

The recent clash between DR Congo and Morocco, where DR Congo held the favourites to a draw. Has added an element of unpredictability to the tournament. This surprising result has prompted a reassessment of the perceived hierarchy among the participating teams. Morocco, traditionally considered one of the top contenders, faced a resilient DR Congo side that showcased determination and tactical prowess. This led to most of online sports betting mongers to lose their bets.

Additionally, Zambia’s late-game heroics against Tanzania, denying them their first win. This underscore the competitiveness of AFCON 2023. Teams displaying resilience and the ability to seize critical moments are emerging as dark horses in the race for the title.

Bookmakers’ Perspective

Bookmakers play a crucial role in shaping the narrative around tournament favourites. According to sources such as Goal.com and Sporting News. Teams like Morocco, Senegal, Egypt, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, and Algeria have been consistently highlighted as strong contenders for the AFCON 2023 crown. These assessments are based on different factors. These factors are such as team form, individual player performances, and historical achievements.

Morocco, in particular, has been frequently mentioned as a favourite. This team is supported by their past success and overall strength. However, the draw against DR Congo has introduced an element of uncertainty, challenging the notion of clear-cut favourites.

Al Jazeera’s assessment further supports the idea of Morocco, Senegal, Egypt, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, and Algeria being frontrunners. The article emphasises the historical dominance and current form of these teams. The article has also acknowledged the difficulty of predicting a single outright winner.

Group C Favourites

An article on Afrik-Foot highlights the teams in Group C and their standing as potential contenders. As the group stage unfolds, it provides valuable insights into the form and strengths of various teams. Teams like Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Cameroon, are suggested that their squads are well-positioned to make a deep run in the tournament.


As AFCON 2023 progresses, the landscape of potential champions is evolving dynamically. The recent draw between DR Congo and Morocco has injected an element of unpredictability, challenging the traditional favourites. While Morocco remains a strong contender, other teams like Senegal, Egypt, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, and Algeria are also in the mix.

Football enthusiasts and online sports betting fans are already claiming their bet power with an exciting challenge of navigating through the shifting narratives and unexpected outcomes that make AFCON a spectacle. The tournament’s unpredictable nature ensures that no team can rest on its laurels. That the competition is a wide-open race for the championship. As the drama unfolds on the pitch, fans around the world eagerly await the coronation of the team that will etch its name into AFCON history.

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